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Last-Minute 1099, W-2 and Payroll Filings Processing

Last-Minute 1099, W-2 and Payroll Filings Processing

We are providing last-minute 1099 and W-2 processing, as well as filing of all payroll / employment returns. Time is of the essence; please provide the following detail to

1) # of employees
2) # of subcontractors (include rental payments / equipment leases from unincorporated entities)
3) # of subcontractors paid by a merchant services processor (credit card, PayPal, etc)

Your cost will be $99 to $499, depending on answers to the above questions. This will include electronic transmittal of Form W-3 and Form 1096 to the appropriate agencies, as well as cost of physical mailing supplies and postage.

Kindly procure any missing W-9s on all subcontractors so we have their EIN / SSN and address for proper mailing and IRS reporting.

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