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We are currently looking to fill the following position. Please send cover letter and resume here.


Bookkeeping Intern (paid)

This is currently a part-to-full-time position.

Ideal candidate is currently enrolled within an accredited accounting B.S. program at a Charleston Area university, and has started taking accounting courses.

Applicants should have at least a basic understanding of accounting rules and concepts, along with strong computer, English and typing skills.

A laptop that can install / operate Windows-based applications is required. We will provide all business software, however we will expect that you already have access to Windows and a Microsoft Office suite (student edition is fine).

Ideal personal traits: detail-oriented, organized, efficient, focused, minimalist, cordial, punctual, communicative, quick learner.

Compensation will be determined based on skill level and ability to get the work done without needing constant attention. In addition, you will receive a high level of training and exposure to all levels of accounting and bookkeeping.

This is NOT a work-at-home position. We will work around your classes and studies, but you will need to be able to commit to a fixed weekly routine.

You will be working onsite with multiple clients on any given day, so please be able to get around on your own and present yourself in a professional manner.

Prospective applicant must consent to a background check and provide all information thereof upon request.

A detailed cover letter is REQUIRED, or your resume will be ignored; tell us about yourself, your goals, and why you are the best fit for the position. Cite all relevant software proficiencies and courses completed, also be prepared to answer some verbal questions to demonstrate your skills.