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QuickBooks and MAS90/200/500 – Existing Users

It is an unfortunate fact that the average small business’ utilization of their financial system is largely based on trial and error. If you do not have someone who is a power user on staff, chances are that you are not utilizing your system to its full extent.

We have seen many instances where a client was using a highly inefficient process resulting in weeks of data entry and unneeded usage of spreadsheets when they could have just imported/exported the data or checked a few boxes in their accounting system.

We are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of QuickBooks and MAS, and we will be more than happy to help optimize your financial processes – it is very rewarding to know that you have saved someone a vast amount of time with just a few hours of yours.


The primary solution to any implementation issues you may have is a free consultation on your processes, followed by a training seminar in which we quickly get your staff up to speed on the areas where we feel you have room for improvement.

We can also help if you are a recent victim of turnover and find yourself needing to train new people with no one left in-house that is able to do so. Save yourself the expense of reconciling mistakes made by trial and error; we are a very affordable solution and will quickly get your people up to speed, meanwhile we will examine the steps your people take to generate financial data and recommend time-saving improvements.

Data Import and Export

One of the most fundamental solutions we offer is to enhance the process by which your various software packages communicate with each other. Just about every program has the capability to export data to a standardized medium which can then be imported by another program. Unfortunately, the process of getting this set up is typically not very user-friendly, and there is a real risk of corrupting data via a botched import. Furthermore, software resellers tend to charge a premium for such projects, and will not always offer the most efficient solution due to not taking the time to fully understand your information flows. Let us know if you think that you may be underutilizing your systems in this respect and we will give you a complete solution at an affordable price.

Conversion from QuickBooks

If you are currently using the QuickBooks platform for your accounting and bookkeeping needs and are processing large amounts of transactions, and/or have grown significantly in size and complexity, chances are that you are beginning to look for a more powerful, stable and capable system.

QuickBooks is both affordable and effective at what it is made to do, but at its heart, it’s a solution for small business with a moderate quantity of transactions. It has very little in the way of internal controls and it is very easy for an innocent mistake to turn into hours of reconciliation and frustration. It can also be very expensive to maintain; counterintuitive menus and the rigidity of the program can cause you to incur significant consulting fees in order to perform simple customizations. By the time you are done paying Intuit, their partners, and your accountants for wasted time, you may realize that you have spent enough money to have started with or converted to a more powerful system.

We can help. We are experts at both QuickBooks and the Sage MAS product line, and can help you make a smooth and flawless conversion.


Perplexed by an annoying error? Is your system generating unexpected results? We are always on-call to help, and have experience dealing with just about every kind of issue. We can correspond by e-mail, phone, remote desktop sharing, or even by paying you a personal visit at your location (currently within the Lowcountry area).

MAS Program Updates

Sage Software is constantly working to better their products, and has released several major updates to the MAS line within the past few years. The current version is 4.3, and it offers many improvements over legacy programs. If you have an older version, chances are that you are not able to:

* See who posted a specific journal entry
* Customize the layout of your financial reports
* Interface with FAS
* Change years under account maintenance
* Save .pdf versions of all system-generated files
* Cut-paste journal entries
* Access the Business Insights Dashboard
(for a complete list of new MAS features, click here)

Furthermore, a system upgrade does not cost you anything beyond our time implementing it as long as you are current on your maintenance. Sage will not allow upgrades to non-current customers so we would first need to reinstate your membership. Fortunately, we are able to offer several promotional packages which forgive a large portion of your unpaid maintenance fees. Please note that you must be current on maintenance if you wish to add any extra users; therefore it is to your advantage to resubscribe if you plan on expanding your business.