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QuickBooks and MAS90/200/500 – New Users

We have years of experience with the Intuit and Sage Software product lines, and are the local area’s only reseller for the MAS90, MAS200 and MAS500 platforms. Hence we are your best and most affordable option for all financial system reselling services; including but not limited to setup and implementation, training, support and program updates.

If you are an existing Sage Software or Intuit customer, please take the time to visit our support page.

Setup and Implementation

Proper setup and implementation of financial software is a very important factor towards a healthy accounting system down the road. It has been our experience that businesses tend to skimp on this area, not becoming as involved as they should in the final product and essentially allowing their chosen reseller to have the final say in everything. This makes things very easy for the reseller, but can cause you significant difficulties when they leave.

Nobody knows your business like you do, and you deserve a reseller who will sit down with you in person and take the time to obtain a complete understanding of your present and future requirements. We are qualified to advise you from the joint perspective of a controller and system expert. Furthermore, we will not simply set up your systems and then leave you to your fate; we have a lot more to offer and will work closely with you every step of the way, making sure that your system remains secure, stable and robust to fit all of your foreseeable needs.

Custom Configuration

One of the services we offer for both new and existing MAS users is custom configuration of your accounting system. We can tweak just about any aspect of every module to suit your needs. For instance, if you want to be able to link payables to sources of revenue to populate a job costing database, we can add the appropriate fields to both your invoice and payable data entry forms and then write the report that will pull the two data sources together. Furthermore, we can set up your invoicing to mirror any required format, with as many generated data entry fields as you may need.


Even if your accounting system has already been set up to your exact specifications, chances are that you are not utilizing it to its full extent. Perhaps you have recently had some turnover and find yourself needing to train new people with no one left in-house that is able to do so. Save yourself the expense of reconciling mistakes made by trial and error; we are a very affordable solution and will quickly get your people up to speed, meanwhile we will examine the steps your people take to generate financial data and recommend time-saving improvements.