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Microsoft FRx – Data Manipulation and Reporting

Have you heard of FRx? It is a rather simple program that extracts data from just about any accounting system, then sorts and formats it by applying any number of interchangeable templates. You can use it to generate on demand any conceivable financial statement, as well as any account detail and transaction report. Most importantly, FRx can pull data from multiple entities and manipulate it prior to output in order to automatically eliminate inter-company balances, giving you consolidated financial statements on demand. Furthermore, all reports can be saved in a file format that permits drill-down, thereby enabling the recipient to enlighten themselves on any questionable balance without having to request additional reports.

Needless to say, this program is an extremely powerful tool, but the catch is that you have to know how to write the templates. Unfortunately, the program itself has little in the way of guidelines and thus does not lend itself well to untrained operation.

We are proud to say that we have mastered all aspects of creating efficient and accurate FRx reports, and can offer you a very affordable package that covers all aspects of implementation, including setup, training, report writing and ongoing support.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee for any report we write; if your needs change or something goes awry, we will not charge you for the first hour of our time spent modifying the report, providing that we can get remote access to your system.

Below are some examples of how FRx can help strengthen your financial system:

Consolidated Financial Statements

Perhaps the most powerful feature of Microsoft FRx is the ability to pull data from multiple sources and turn it into one report. What’s more, the program can apply date filters and internal adjustments, thereby allowing you to accurately consolidate companies with disparate fiscal years and dissimilar structure / financial methods. The best part is that, once we write the report, you can generate it on demand for any period with just a few clicks.

Automated Ratio Analysis

If you do any kind of ratio analysis, chances are that you use a spreadsheet. Even if you are successfully exporting data from your accounting system into, say, Excel, you are still in a position where you need to take additional steps to produce the needed data and format it in such a way that it is presentable. We can make this easier by turning the entire process into a custom report that you can generate on demand.

Side By Side Analytics

Have you ever wanted to have a very easy way to generate reports comparing the divisions in your business on one page? Chances are, if you currently prepare documents like this for your decision makers, your staff is having to spend a significant amount of time extracting and formatting the data in a spreadsheet, repeating the same steps every time data is required for a new period or scenario. Spreadsheets are a notorious breeding ground for errors, and the whole process of preparing the reports can affect their timeliness and thus their usefulness to your business.

The end result is an opportunity to greatly improve all these problem areas, as well as to eliminate some strain on your accounting department. Let us make your financial system better fill your needs with a healthy dose of FRx.