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Business Process Analysis

Do you suspect that you have any key processes in your business which may have inefficiencies, bottlenecks or inadequate design? We are qualified to examine, diagram and cure your business on both an operating and financial control level. The following are some telltale signs of process deficiencies:

* Regular inventory shortages and backorders
* Regular difficulty reconciling key accounts
* Frequent need to book non-recurring journal entries and adjustments
* A period closing time longer than 5 days (10 for public)
* Internal bills of lading
* Large or growing balance of bad debt or overdue receivables
* Inability to file tax return before regular deadline
* Heavy use of spreadsheets

Alternately, if you are happy with your business and just need to have a third party come in and professionally model it for training or documentation purposes, we will be more than happy to fill your need.