I am looking for a few more tax clients for this tax season. You can pay $2-300 to a seasonal tax shop and trust your taxes to a $10-per-hour data entry clerk, or you can call me. Offer available for most tax situations. The following may result in adjustments to your rate:

a) 1040-EZ / A filers – 25% discount!
b) 10% discount for military, teachers, senior citizens and nonprofit workers.
c) Schedule C – $25 to $50 or negotiable
d) Schedule D – $10 per 5 transactions
e) Schedule E – $15 for each
f) More than $500 of noncash contributions – $25 fee for additional required paperwork
g) Additional State / nonresident returns – $25 fee
h) Complex tax issues – negotiable. I can handle just about anything that would otherwise have been mistreated or deferred for weeks at common tax shops.
i) Business tax returns (1120, 1120-S, 1065, nonprofit) – start at $300, negotiable.
j) Extensions – $25 for all

Here’s how I work:

1) I sign a confidentiality agreement and quote you the appropriate fee, you sign an engagement letter.
2) I send you a comprehensive but straightforward questionnaire. You respond with relevant info and copies of documents as requested on questionnaire.
3) I assemble your tax return and contact you with follow-up questions. You can expect that I will be carefully reviewing all documents and comparing them to the previous year. Sometimes, I may be able to provide some tax planning considerations for either the current or future tax periods.
4) I obtain payment from you for my services (check or cash), and provide a copy of your return, along with originals of all submitted documents. I will also obtain your signature(s) for the paper file copies of the returns (not e-filing this year, sorry), and provide current year and 2011 estimated payment vouchers if there is a tax liability (up to you to mail with payment by the respective deadlines).
5) Once my payment has been validated, I will sign and mail the paper returns.

Please contact me at info@eckemoffllc.com, and let me know your preferred time / method of establishing contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

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